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Where possible edibLE16 aims to support and encourage those individuals,  living and working in the area, who are beginning to consider starting a food business as well as established producers of local food looking to expand their market. The edibLE16 board and steering group will be happy to hear your suggestions of how we can achieve this so please do contact us to discuss this further.

edible16 has written guidance regarding becoming a producer and the minimum requirements of working with edibLE16. Read below:-

Starting a Food Business with edibLE16

  • You need to: register your food business

Register with the environmental health service at your local authority. Your premises must be registered 28 days before opening. Registration is free. A registration form is available to download from: Registration is required on all premises. Registration is required for all types of business that handles, processes or sells food. e.g. if vegetables are processed, washed, labeled or handled in any way then that process needs to be carried out in a registered premises. Evidence of registration will be given by the registering authority and will be necessary to be a producer with edibLE16.

Producers that handle products that are of animal origin or meat based products are required to be from an “approved” premise by your local authority EHD. Speak to your local authority for further guidance.

  • You need to: check with the local authority planning department the license of use of the premises.

This could be a lengthy business if a change in premises use is required.

  • You need to: be aware and comply with the main General Food Law Requirements

Guidance is available from the Food Standards Agency

  • You need to : (if appropriate) be aware of the sale of alcohol and licensing law

application for a license requires completing a training day . Also food hygiene training may be necessary.

  • You need to: have written records of all the suppliers that provide you with food or any food ingredients
  • You need to: have put food safety management procedures in place , HACCP  

and are you need to keep up-to-date records of these.

  • You need to: ensure you and your staff understands the principles of good food hygiene – 

food hygiene training is required by edible16 to level 2.

  • You need to: consider health and safety and fire safety arrangements.

More information is available from the Health and Safety Executive

  • You need to: consider if you need to register as self-employed.

More information is available from HM Revenue and Customs

  • You need to: consider if you need to register for VAT.

More information is available from HM Revenue & Customs

  • You need to: keep records of all your business income and expenses
  • You need to: keep records of your employees’ pay and know how to pay their tax and National Insurance contributions
  • You need to: describe your product – food and drink accurately.

There is legislation that requires detailed understanding. Guidance and support can be obtained from trading standards regarding labeling, allergens, nutritional information, food claims, food packaging, weights and measures etc. Contact the trading standards department at Leicestershire County Council.


Contacts/useful resources

If you live outside the Harborough District Council authority then please consult the authority relevant to your area.

Harborough District Council, T: 01858 82 82 82 (available from 8am to 5pm – closed for training from 9am to 9.30am on Wed)

Licensing Team –

Food Safety – environmental health –

Leicestershire County Council, Trading Standards Service
 – tel 0116 305 8000

Leicestershire County Council, Trading Standards Service
 – tel 0116 305 8000 The office is open to personal callers Monday to Thursday from 8.30hrs to 17.00hrs and on Fridays 8.30hrs to 16.30hrs. The Service can also be accessed by businesses through a “Duty Officer” telephone line between 8.30hrs and 16.30hrs Monday to Thursday and between 8.30hrs and 16.00hrs on Fridays. A call back system is in operation when the “Duty Officer” is unavailable and access to the Service can also be gained by e-mail using the address

“ERWIN” (everything regulation when it’s needed) website

Food Standards Agency –

Safer Food, better business –

Health and safety at work –

HACCP – free online tool –

HM Revenue and Customs –

HM Revenue and Customs –


Minimum Requirements of a Food Producer with edibLE16

  • You must: be registered with your local authority’s environmental health department as a food business and be able to confirm your registration.

Exceptions would be vegetable / fruit growers where no washing, top or tailing, bagging or food processing has been undertaken.

  •  You must:   be “approved” by your local authority EHD as a provider of meat and meat products if relevant to your food business
  •  You must: be able to confirm you are licensed to sell alcohol if relevant to your business
  • You must: comply with legislation regarding food labeling, ingredients, and allergens (December 2014), nutritional information labeling (from 2016)
  • You must: be able to offer verification checks regarding the transport of chilled or frozen food items
  • You must: be able to offer verification checks on the suppliers, ingredients, place of origin, used to produce your product
  • You must: be able to offer verification checks that the packaging materials used meet the standards for food packaging
  • You must:   be able to offer verification checks regarding the safe practice of handling and storing your product
  • You must:   be within a 30 mile distance from Market Harborough but our preference is to achieve producers who operate within a 16 mile radius
  • You must:   have a bank account to receive payments from edibLE16

Please refer to the Food Standards Agency

Starting a food business –

Suggestions of Suppliers of Environmental Friendly Food Packaging

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