Introducing our new producer, Sue from Barkby Bakehouse

After many years in the Construction Industry, I changed direction to turn my fascination for bread-baking into a business. I took some training courses at the School of Artisan Foods and set up a small bakery in an outhouse at home, allowing me to produce enough bread to supply Farmers’ Markets, local businesses and people in the surrounding towns and villages. I bake two to three times a week, allowing me time to experiment with new flavour combinations and types of bread. The bread you buy will have been baked that day.

All my bread is produced in the old-fashioned way, using only flour, water, yeast and salt and allowing plenty of time for the bread to ferment. Most of it is sourdough bread using natural yeasts on the flour and taking upwards of 36 hours from initial mix to baking. This allows the flour flavours to develop and the gluten in the flour to break down and become more digestible. There are no additives or preservatives used in the breads, other than seeds, nuts and fruits as specified, and our bread is listed on the Real Bread Finder map, as supporters of the Real Bread campaign. I use as many local ingredients as possible, particularly flour from Whissendine Windmill and Claybrook Watermill.

As the owner of a large garden, I use the produce from our garden to make traditional jams and chutneys in small batches, available to suit the seasons. These are delicious spread on our bread!

Sue Shaw

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