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Ganders Goat Farm is a 10.69 acre plot in the Welland Valley. Our small family of three work hard to produce some lovely things from our herd of goats. we started to produce soap that’s gentle to skin and now make ice cream and sell pasturised goats milk too. Gander-Goat-Goat-Milk-Soap-Web-Logo

On our farm we have a wide variety of livestock and we try to use as much locally produced or produced on farm ingredients as we can. For example, our strawberry ice cream uses our milk, some of our free range eggs, or local free range eggs and strawberries from The Pickled Village kitchen.

Our milk comes from the herd of goats that we keep at Ganders Farm. Eggs come from our farm where possible and either from local free range egg producers (no further than Melton Mowbray) such as Ashley Farm Shop or Fowlers Eggs. Rapeseed oil used in the soap is from Welland Valley or Farrington Oils. Ice cream flavours, where possible, are produced locally and seasonally from small producers such as the Rutland Cake Company and The Pickled Village. Processing of the milk is all done on the farm. The soap is currently made at our home address but is soon to be moved to the farm also.

Our animals are reared based on organic principles although we are not organically certified. All food is GM free and sourced within ten miles of our farm. Goats have permanent access to housing and cover. During the winter they have a concrete exercise yard. During the dry, warm months they have access to grazing.

Lauren Horton, Ganders Farm, Rockingham Road, Cottingham LE16 8XS
Telephone number: 07969 183426
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