Equality and Diversity Policy

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e16 Equality and Diversity Policy November 2015


edibLE16 Equality and Diversity Policy November 2015


Everyone is different and has something unique to offer. edibLE16 wants to respect and understand these differences and to make the most of everyone’s talents.

Diversity is about understanding, recognising, respecting and valuing differences.

Equality is about managing differences so that everyone has equality of opportunity through a fair and consisitent approach to the application of rules, policies and procedures. This commitment is relevant to all we do, how we manage ourselves and how we deliver our services.

edibLE16 will promote equality and diversity across all areas.

  • We aim to be fair, unbiased and professional
  • We are committed to and promote equality and diversity
  • We respect the views of our staff, volunteers, customers, producers and suppliers and invest in helping them meet their potential

Summary statement

edibLE16 will not tolerate discrimination because of a protected characteristic. These are Age, Race, Sex, Gender Reassignment, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Religion or Belief, Pregnancy or Maternity and Civil Partnership or Marriage. We will not discriminate because of working patterns or trade union membership nor will we tolerate harassment or bullying on these or any other grounds.

We will ensure that everyone in edibLE16 is respected and can give of their best, irrespective of who they are or what job they do.

We will work to ensure that our services are accessible to a diverse community.


The Chair of the Board has specific responsibility for the effective implementation of this policy.

All managers and staff will demonstrate their commitment to promoting equality and diversity and have personal responsibilities to treat everyone with respect, consideration and without prejudice and to promote the same levels of behaviour in colleagues.

Leadership and Management

  • Challenge unacceptable behaviours and create a climate where complaints can be raised without fear of reprisals
  • Take firm action where unfairness or inconsistency exists
  • Encourage and support diversity within teams
  • Respect, recognise and value individual skills and contributions
  • Demonstrate through words and actions that diversity is an integral part of meeting edibLE16’s business priorities
  • Create an environment in which staff, volunteers, customers, producers and suppliers are able to identify and share good practice, celebrate success and encourage positive attitudes towards diversity
  • Communicate the policy to employees, job applicants and relevant others (such as contract or agency workers)


edibLE16 will ensure that this policy is accessible and understood by all employees, volunteers, customers, producers and suppliers.

Getting our message across successfully means all staff will:

  • Be aware of the edibLE16 policies on equality and diversity
  • Understand the benefit of valuing diversity and how this impacts on the work of edibLE16
  • Have a greater awareness of the value of more inclusive communication
  • Understand their own role in promoting equality and diversity


Employees, volunteers, customers, producers or suppliers who feel they have been treated contrary to this policy should raise their concerns with the edibLE16 Manager in order to get them addressed. If a situation remains unresolved the individual can take the matter further with any of the Operations Team or Board. All complaints will be investigated thoroughly and without delay.

Every effort will be made to ensure that those who make a complaint will not be victimised. Contravention of this policy by way of harrassment or discrimination against a colleague will be considered a disciplinary offence and dealt with accordingly.

Policy Review

edibLE16 is committed to keeping this policy current and relevant. It will be monitored and reviewed annually.