Brynne Vineyard

Meet Mark & Julia Bennett, owners of Brynne Vineyard, a 10 acre vineyard (2 acres under vine) planted in 2008 in the Northamptonshire countryside on a south facing slope overlooking Pitsford Reservoir.

They acquired the vineyard in 2015 and re-branded the site to Brynne Vineyard in memory of Julia’s parents Brian and Lynne. Armed with plenty of enthusiasm and a desire to make the vineyard a success they plunged straight to work.

“The first few months were quite a learning experience and we were surprised at how much hard work and long hours were involved” says Julia. Thankfully there were plenty of people around them who were able to help and offer advice that made their first harvest a fruitful one.

The vineyard has over 3,500 vines (that is a lot of bending over) and it is home to four cool climate grape varieties: For those of you in the know these are;

  • Solaris
  • Seyval blanc
  • Phoenix
  • Triomphe d’Alsace

“Our ethos is to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. We use no harsh chemicals or pesticides, only spraying with natural fungicide and organic garlic extract. As well as avoiding the destruction of wildlife this also has a variety of health and taste benefits for our wine” says Julia.

English Wine is gaining an enviable reputation worldwide, something to which we are committed to playing our part. We invite you to discover why and to switch your wine buying choices away from big, impersonal and high carbon miles stores, to a local supplier who you can get to know and trust first hand.

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