Producer FAQs

Producer Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I become an edible16 Producer?

Please contact us by email: or mobile: 07956008370. Tell us about yourselves and what you produce and we can help you through the registration process.

When will I know what has been ordered from me?

You will receive an email from us on the Thursday morning before delivery is due on Friday.

What if I can’t deliver the order on Friday afternoon?

Once an order has been made with edible16, you are obliged to fulfill it. If you have a problem you will need to make alternative arrangements in advance with edible16. We may be able to put you in contact with other producers near you who can deliver your product to us.

How will my produce be stored and handled by edibLE16?

All items you deliver will be checked against the delivery note on arrival and stored according to your storage guidelines.

When and how will I get paid for my produce?

You will be paid directly into your bank account as soon as possible after the Friday delivery.

Do I have to supply produce every week?

No, but you will need to keep us up to date with your stock levels so that the shop can be adjusted in a timely manner. We appreciate that some products are seasonal and intend to make customers aware of the seasonality of different products. If however you plan to take a “trading holiday” we require a month’s notice that you will have no product available at all.

What if a particular item isn’t available every week?

You can update your stock levels weekly by contacting the manager by phone 07956 008370 or email: but please help us to manage our customers’ expectations by keeping us up to date.

What if I only have small amounts of a product?

You can limit the availability so you will receive orders only for the amounts you have offered.

Who do I talk to about concerns or problems?

Please contact the manager by email: or telephone: 07956 008370.

What do I have to do if I decide to withdraw from the service?

If you decide to withdraw from the service then edible16 requires a month’s notice in writing.